Our mission is to provide transformational sailing adventures to people in recovery.

Sailing offers unique benefits and challenges which are the fundamental basis of the Sea Changes program. Collaboration, hard work and determination are essential and unavoidable in an ocean going voyage. Learning how to persevere through adversity can be a pivotal experience that can inspire extraordinary, positive changes.


Substance abuse issues have become a systemic in today's society. In 2013, nearly twenty three million Americans needed treatment for a substance use disorder. This need has reached critical heights and affects people across all demographics.

Sea Changes aims to help individuals in early recovery focus and channel their energies in a positive way. Programming consists of hands on sail training, team building exercises, and camping along the coastline.

Sailing teaches leadership, instills confidence, and inspires successful teamwork. Being on the open ocean requires a heightened state of mindfulness that can bring one closer to the sense of a spiritual life. These fun and exciting experiences can help participants learn to focus and channel their energies in a positive way, which can support their well being and bolster their sobriety.


Donor and community support allows us to embark on our maiden voyage this fall and will help ensure that future programming can happen. Your support is key to our success!